About Statlearn

In the wake of the recent IT revolution, the field of statistics has undergone dramatic developments. The increasing digitalization of business processes and the speed with which information spreads has increased the demand for statistics as a means of harnessing large amounts of data.

This site is written in recognition of the fact that many students will need to use numbers in the workplace. There will be a need for solid knowledge of basic data analysis and efficient ways to handle large volumes of data. From this perspective, getting a detailed overview of theoretical statistics and mathematical proofs would be in the interest of only a few people. Therefore, this site has reduced the number of formulas presented and instead increased the number of explanations. The goal is to make the statistical concepts intuitive and—most of all—possible to apply in practice.

To improve each student’s ability to perform statistical analysis, we have included a statistics program that can be used to solve all of the problems reviewed. In addition, we have provided a basic course in Excel, which is a prerequisite for working with numbers effectively.

Excel 2007 was a radical upgrade from previous versions, and many important functions are reviewed in our Excel course. The Excel course uses video lessons and the statistics program Statlearn, which you can find at www.Statlearn.com .

At the time of writing, there are about 500 vacancies at www.jobindex.dk. Having good Excel skills is a common job requirement.

Happy reading!