Learn statistics faster with simple examples and intuitive explanations

Get your free Statistics calculator with +40 ready made analysis. The tool is made by statistics teachers and used for statistics courses and exams.

How can statlearn help you?

Intuitive Explanations 

Lets face it, statistics is hard to learn. Most books in statistics are heavy on long theoretical explanations. We'll try to make a difference. We explain statistics in plane words.  We'll also give you with a calculator so you quickly see how the analysis works. If you have appetite for more than you you find on this site visit our premium page here

Statistics calculator

The Statlearn calculator is a an excel basd template that covesr the analysis yu need for most exam at MBA, business schools and AP's. The tool is based on Excel and works with both Mac and windowns. The free version has +40 analysis ranging from descriptive statistics, distributions and confidence intervals.

Video tutorials 

If you want all the explanations in an well organized e-book you can opt in for he premium version of statlearn. The book has excercises and solutions for each chapter. In addition you will get access to the premium version of statlearn tool that covers +30 more analaysis and also has video instructions built in. 

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